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We Love Happy Patients!

“I just got back from my first visit here, and I will definitely be using Dr. Cottrill as my new dentist.

I arrived for my appointment, and was immediately taken back to see the hygienist and dentist. The service was very professional and friendly. I found that Dr. Cottrill was very meticulous in observing my teeth, and pointed out area to watch. He didn’t seem to push services on any of the area to watch. Instead, he gave very detailed instructions on how to eliminate these potential danger areas.

For those who it matters to, they are in the 30% of dentists that use digital x-rays instead of film. This eliminates the toxic chemicals used to develop the film.

If you live in the area, I would highly recommend this dentist. I haven’t scoped out the other dentists, but he came highly recommended by several people, and now I see why.”

“Best dentist I have ever gone to! We had to move to another state and I have yet to find a dentist that measures up. Dr. Cottrill is very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. The whole staff puts you at ease, and everyone is very professional and courteous. They are very good about answering any questions you may have. The most comfortable experience you will have going to a dentist!”

“I came to see Dr. Cottrill through a recommendation by a coworker. I had a bite problem that had been bothering me for almost a year, and my previous dentist, after countless visits and bite adjusts, was unable to resolve. I came to Dr. Cottrill to get a second look. Dr. Cottrill was very professional, experienced and knowledgeable, and spent over an hour diagnosing and analyzing my problem. He clearly explained what was going on, correctly diagnosed what was happening, and was able to fix my bite on the spot, something which my previous dentist had been unable to do. I was so glad to finally have this fixed after a year it almost brought tears to my eyes! I would highly recommend Dr. Cottrill for anyone looking for an experienced, professional and knowledgeable dentist.”