Porcelain Veneers

A Beautiful Smile!


Great news for those who want a dramatic change in their smile… or even just a subtle change, in a short time. The answer for you may very well be Veneers. With a minimal amount of tooth structure being removed, these thin porcelain shields can change the appearance of your smile in a matter of weeks – with only a few dental visits involved.

It is a wonderful tooth “MAKE OVER.“


These strong, stain-resistant shells are permanently bonded to the front of your tooth. They are a great solution for teeth that are:

  1. broken or chipped

  2. permanently stained or discolored

  3. old fillings that are stained or washed out

  4. misshapen or crooked teeth

  5. diastemas (spaces between the teeth)

Veneers are thin shells intended to cover the front side of teeth to hide stains, chips, decay, or irregularities. A dental technician uses a model created by a dentist to make a custom shell out of special materials.

Because veneers require removing some enamel, they are usually permanent. Your dentist will typically recommend avoiding food and drink that will stain your veneers. Veneers can chip or crack, but overall the results are worthwhile and many people are thrilled with their new smile.

Veneers are an alternative to more expensive crowns. Porcelain veneers require multiple visits, but they last longer and provide a more stable color than bonding.


If you have ever DREAMED of dental work which would literally change your smile, come in to see us!