shutterstock_394197988At Dr. Shah Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental care. Please contact us to know more about the variety of services we offer and how we can customize treatment to your needs.

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For Your Child . . .

A big welcome to all children! We have televisions in each operatory, a special play room off the reception area and a trip to the treasure chest after your appointment, to pick out a toy to take home with you.

Treatment needs for your child:

Routine dental cleanings, x-rays and exam (every 6 months) provide your child with excellent preventative care, as well as instructions and encouragement to promote good home care. Along with each cleaning we apply a special fluoride treatment for the protection of these young, growing teeth. We also recommend the placement of sealants on the first permanent molars – this will be at about age six. A sealant is a thin plastic coating that we brush on (no pain) to the permanent molars onto the biting surface only. The sealant helps protect against decay.

Feel free to call us with any questions. If you like, we can mail you brochures on specific treatments you may be interested in.

To the parents . . .

Your child’s first visit should take place at around age 3 1/2, unless, of course, you have a specific concern prior to that. We call their first appointment a “Happy Visit”. This is our goal – to make it fun, thus leaving a good first impression. One of our assistants will spend quality time with your young child, doing only those procedures they are ready for, even if that is merely a ride in the chair or a counting of their teeth. Then they will meet Dr Shah, who will also display sensitivity to your child’s readiness. This first dental exam will set a tone…

which brings me to… how to prepare your child. Many parents question their role in preparing their child for the initial dental visit. My observation over the years is that if you are relaxed about it, most often, so will the child be. It is an outing! Reassure your son or daughter that their dentist plays a very good and important role in their life. Tell them how we care for them. Dr. Shah and her friendly, skilled staff will take it from there.