I've been going here ever since I was a kid and it's probably been about 15 years give or take some! The staff has always been the best and super accommodating, and Dr. Cottrill was always great! Dr. Shah seems to know exactly what she's doing, and I look forward to continuing my visits with her! (P.S. Jane is fantastic
- Talia V.

My experience here has been fantastic. The staff is friendly, professional and very thorough with their services. I went to fit a crown here. Dr. Shah and her assistant Lynda walked me through the process and answered all my question which pacified all my anxiety. The process itself was smooth and painfree. I am super happy with results and would recommend this clinic for dental care. I also want to give a shout out to Bobbie, the office manager. She makes the experience seamless and also bakes awesome cookies( I have had cookies baked by her of all of my visits, and they are awesome).
- Prasad K.

Great clinic, wonderful staff and Dr Shah's friendly and calm demeanour made us very comfortable.
- Masi T.

I visited Dr. Shah for a molar cavity filling. Overall it was an excellent experience. She was extremely professional and caring. She took the time to listen to me and then suggested a sound management plan. The other staff in her clinic, ranging from the receptionist to the dental hygienist, also shared her warm and welcoming nature. Will surely be back for another visit if my teeth bother me again!
- Vishvas S.

Dr Shah is simply amazing!!!! She doesnt hurt, she takes time to ex plain evertything, and last but not least, she is so funny!!!!!!!!! I love going to get my teeth done at her place. Thank you so much!!!!
- Anh T.

I went to the clinic for my dental cleaning and had a wonderful experience. Staff is very friendly and super thorough. The doctor took great care of me and the cleaning process was very smooth. I trust them with my dental needs and would definitely refer them to anyone interested!
- Archit B.