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Dr. Shah

“Live life with laughter and smiles….

Becoming a dentist was my way of giving away to all something that’s so important for me - beautiful, natural and pain free oral health. Having been trained in Comprehensive Advanced Esthetic Dentistry and Smile Designing, gives me the opportunity to restore oral health needs for my patients and deliver what I value so much.. SMILES!!

Dr. Cottrill and his team have served the community for over 30 years and I feel fortunate to say I will be taking over the reins from him. I wish to continue the legacy he has created and keep up the goodwill!!

Apart from clinic, I try to volunteer at Non-profit and Dental Relief Camps. My husband and I have been married for a little over 7 years now and just welcomed our charming little baby girl this winter. We recently moved to the lovely neighborhood of Mill Creek and are excited to set roots in this wonderful community.

When not at work, I can be found spending time with my family, cooking and traveling. Exploring different cultures, ethnicities, cuisines and bringing home the experience is something I thoroughly enjoy.

In dentistry and in life, I believe in making the most of my present and I look forward to the future with much enthusiasm and optimism.” - Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India in 2012, followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Esthetic Dentistry from New York University in 2014. She relocated to the United States and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Iowa College Of Dentistry Advanced Standing Program in 2019. Now, she calls the pacific northwest her home and a place she looks forward to making more wonderful memories.

A letter from Dr.Cottrill

To My Many Wonderful Patients and Friends,

I am writing to inform you of my retirement, effective November 1st. I will, however, be finishing all the orthodontic cases including all the Invisalign cases that I have started, and I most likely will be starting new cases as well. So, you will still see me in the office when I am there, and I will pop in to say hi!

I started my practice 36 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my patients. I feel very blessed to have met so many amazing people, many who have been my patients since the beginning. This is the part of my practice that I will miss the most. The success of my practice has also been because of my amazing staff. Most of them have been working with me since the beginning and will continue to be an important part of the practice, so plan on seeing them on your next visit. You will all continue to be well taken care of as in the past.

This process has been difficult and lengthy because of my desire to find the perfect person to take over, who shares my same goals of quality and conservative treatment planning. I was also interested in finding someone who knows the importance of getting to know their patients as I have, and I believe I have found that person in Dr. Prachi Shah.

It was my goal, as well as my wife’s, to not wait too long and retire at a time in our lives when we could enjoy my retirement. I am looking forward to a less hectic schedule, getting projects done, pursuing my hobbies, traveling, and much less paperwork!

Thank you to all who have made the last 36 years fun and rewarding. I will truly miss you all. I appreciate the opportunity that you gave me to serve as your dentist and orthodontist.

Dwight Cottrill, DDS

A note from Dr. Shah...

Dear future friends, just a little bit about myself…I graduated as a dentist from India in 2012 and relocated to the USA in 2013. I received my Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Standing Esthetics from New York University and my DDS from University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2019. My husband and I have been married for a little over 7 years now and recently moved to Mill Creek. We have been in love with this neighborhood, plan to grow our family here and set roots in this wonderful community. I am very passionate about my work, and it has been very rewarding to see my patients overcome their fears and make their visits a fun experience. With time, I feel my patients, colleagues and staff members have become my extended family, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you and I hope to see you soon!